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adam + annie from Eat That Weed

There may be no greater kick you can get than that twinge of excitement when you come across food ripe for the foraging.

Whether it’s a loaded lemon tree hanging over your neighbour’s fence, weeds run rampant in a spare paddock nearby, a forest filled with pine mushrooms or a blackberry bush by the side of a quiet road, there’s a lot of joy in stumbling across food freebies. 

Foraged warrigal greens from down the hill, about to become pie at Milkwood HQ
Foraged warrigal greens from down the hill, about to become pie at Milkwood HQ

But on the forage trail it’s often helpful to have a few resources at the ready.

Whether it’s to help identify the plant, for tips on how to use it, or simply just to remember where the heck that mulberry tree you pilfered from last season was located.

Fortunately, some generous folk have made all sorts of helpful guides to get you going. We’ve done a little roundup of the best resources we’ve found so far.


Eat That Weed

An essential guide for any Australian wild-food forager, this book by Adam Grubb, our mate at Very Edible Gardens, and Annie Raser-Rowland is full of loads of knowledge on edible and medicinal weeds that can be found locally.

There’s also an updated calendar on the site for their Melbourne weed walks and workshops.

Weedy Connection

The lovable Diego Bonetto, with a passion for the medicinal and edible properties of weeds is host of this blog (featured on Gardening Australian in the video above).

You’ll find a page of self-guided tours and maps for different areas around Sydney, as well as updates on the exciting Wild Food Map, which is still in beta stage, but will create an awesome shareable map of foraging locations uploaded by the community via Instagram.

useful weeds at our doorstep

Useful Weeds at our Doorstep

Pat Collins has been a fave weedster of ours for many years now, and this book of hers remains a classic.

You can get her book (and a wide variety of herbal and weed based medicines also) via her website, or if you’re near Muswellbrook NSW, go visit her in person.

eat the invaders

Eat the Invaders

Pitting us as crusaders against ever invasive species, this site gives you a guide to finding and making a meal of invasive species of both weeds and animals.

Info is divided into land, sea and fresh, with plenty of good info and a recipe suggestion once you click through to each species page.

wild food adventures

Wild Food Adventures

This is a super spot to hit for a great range of books on wild food.

From the site’s own publications on beginner basics and wild greens and vegetables, to their well-stocked bookstore of carefully-selected tomes on edibility, identification, poisonous species, cookbooks, as well as all-in-one’s, there’s more info than you can poke your garden clippers at.

steve brill

Wild Man Steve Brill

While those in United States are lucky to have this knowledgeable guy running regular tours on foraging in the northeast’s regions, here in Australia we can still put to good use his helpful pages on identifying and using various wild plants and mushrooms. You can also now access the info via his new app, Wild Edibles Plus.


Wild Food Girl

You can download the Wild Edible Notebook app from this site for an informative online magazine delivered to your iPad or iPhone every month for less than two bucks. It’s quirky, well written and packed with foraging insights.

For those sans Apple equipment, you can also subscribe to receive it as a PDF each month.

Got any other great foraging resources you use or know about? We’d love to have them on our list!

Adam + Annie from Eat That Weed doing what they do best. Photo by Adam Grubb
Adam + Annie from Eat That Weed doing what they do best. Photo by Adam Grubb

Words by Emma Bowen, eater of weeds and creator of

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  1. Reblogged this on Ideas Of Mass Destruction and commented:
    I always loved the idea of foraging and have occasionally munched on the odd leaf in my allotment. My problem is the confidence to know what it what, I definitely need more education on this. The lack of confidence stems from a guy I knew one who was a forager, he ended up in a coma from eating the wrong weed, he came out of it ok though!

    Some os the site links on this blog look good to get started, for all us beginners. Seems fitting as I am in the process of clearing my allotment from a dandelion infestation, now I can view it as a salad infestation NICE!

  2. Thanks for these links, guys. I’m really keen to get into a bit of foraging and utilising my surroundings better. I also lack the knowledge to know the good stuff from the bad but I guess the only way to learn is to give it a go!

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