Spring is Here at the 107 Rooftop Garden

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107 spring 168

It’s Spring! Finally. Our 107 Rooftop Garden has now officially survived it’s first Winter, which was long, cold and wet up, on this rooftop we love.

Cold and shady meant not much growth for the plants in this space over Winter – which we took into consideration in the planting + garden bed design. The carrots loved it.

We intentionally chose canopy plants that would lose their leaves over Winter so that the main sunny spots would be actually sunny over the Winter months, but shaded over Summer.

And now, Summer is coming. The trees know it, the mint knows it, the elderflower is sure of it.

107 spring 169

107 spring 170

107 spring 171

107 spring 172

107 spring 173

107 spring 174

107 spring 175

107 spring 176

107 spring 177

107 spring 178

107 spring 179

107 spring 180

This Winter, we also has some un-invited guests move in each night, or at least frequent the space with enthusiasm. What would the inner-city be without rats, hey?

The best fed organic hipster kale-eating, broadbean-digging, new shoot nipping rats in town.

Our strategy? Work around them. Plant what rats don’t like to eat. Get more perennial foods in there. Accept that a public space edible garden is what it is. To all it’s residents.

107 spring 181

107 spring 182

107 spring 183

107 spring 184

But the pollinator native + honeybees + wasps are buzzing amongst the salvias, the microforest gardens are all putting out leaves, the willow canopy is misty green, the mulberry is flowering.

Spring is here.

107 spring 186

As ever, a big thanks to all the fine folk who helped create this space, our crowdfunders, volunteers, and everyone who’s done a Milkwood course, actually- you’re funding this garden! Yay you. Thanks a bunch.

We started out on the garden project less than a year ago, and now look at her grow.

107 spring 189

107 spring 190

107 spring 191

107 spring 192

107 spring 193

So thanks, Winter, it’s been great. We’ll see you next year.

But right now we’re planning and dreaming of what else we can fit into this little place this coming growing season. Come dream with us sometime! This garden is for everyone.

You can read more about the 107 Rooftop Garden here.

107 spring 187

107 spring 188

Big thanks to Heather of Milkwood for stewarding this garden over winter, and to Jeremy for the Spring photos. x

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  1. Just one more example of the Milkwood team showing us all how it can be done. Congratulation on moving permaculture to the city. I dream of all roof tops looking like this one.

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