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Natural Building: Passive House, Active People

Building a well designed, passive solar house can mean comfort in both summer and winter, with minimal energy inputs. On the hottest day of summer, i   Read More

Mid Summer: Berries, plums + treehouse builds

It's mid summer here at Melliodora. The days are hot and the cicadas sing in the trees all around. It's a time for berries, plums, treehouse builds +   Read More

Our Permaculture Kitchen Staples: sourdough, cheese, kraut,

Our household runs on a few key foods + drinks that we make from scratch each week with local ingredients and wild fermentation: tibicos, jun, no-kn   Read More

Natural Beekeeping: Dealing with Small Hive Beetle

As the weather heats up, the bees get busy. We're all hoping for a great season. But the hotter weather also brings with it possible bee pests includ   Read More

Milk Kefir: breaker of chains, un-pasteurizer of milk

For anyone wanting to start natural cheesemaking at home, sourcing raw milk can be tricky, if not impossible. So to the rescue comes Milk Kefir - br   Read More

Closed-Loop Cheese: The Goat Forage System at Melliodora

At Melliodora, the goat forage system is designed to support this permaculture smallholding in numerous ways, while closing the loop, keeping happy go   Read More