Araucanas and Rabbit Stew

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Easter on Sunday. Check. Our Araucana chickens already lay blue eggs, so that’s those sorted. Now all we need is a rabbit or two, and we’re ready for an upside-down Easter.

Actually, at Milkwood it makes sense to celebrate both rabbits and eggs at this time of year: we’re cherishing the last of the eggs for the season, and also cherishing that at this time of year the bunnies around here are fat, and ready to become rabbit stew.

Araucana eggs, Faverolle eggs, and tomatoes from our food forest

Mind you, given that our Araucana chooks are only giving us one blue egg a day (sometimes) now that its cooling down, I will be this year doing the whole dyeing Easter eggs thing.

I am using my two year old as the main excuse. And the fact that we’re having two whole days off to eat and make merry with friends.

Also, I have never dyed Easter eggs before, and i think it could be a fun way of celebrating the end of the eggs, and a kind of thanksgiving to our chooks for all their hard work over summer.

Here’s what I’m using as inspiration on the Easter egg front:


Here is the best article I’ve found on how to dye eggs with natural stuff (like beetroot, paprika, tarragon and so on). And the best article I found for putting funky flowery things on them.

Here is a recipe for some very cool looking Beet Pickled Pink Eggs. If i have a domestic goddess moment (unlikely, but possible) this weekend I might try these too.

Next up, Rabbit Stew. First, catch your rabbits. We use a rifle, but the exact method of acquisition is up to you. I also hear they sell them in shops.

Rabbit Stew á la Milkwood

Take your skinned and dressed rabbits ( there’s a good how to article here), allowing one for every two people, and cut them up with scissors into bits.

Chop up one rasher of bacon per person into slivers.

In a big, heavy based pan, brown the rabbit pieces and bacon in butter for 5 minutes.

Add a handful of grated carrot per person, half a onion per person, and cover in stock of your choice.

Add some celery, more carrots (chopped or however you like them), some small potatoes and a bit of wine while you’re at it.

Chuck a bunch of fresh herbs in (thyme, rosemary, parsely) and bring to the boil.

Immediately as the stew boils, reduce it to the smallest simmer you can manage. Balance with salt and pepper, put the lid on, and go do something for an hour and a half. Then come back and check it.

Rabbit needs to be treated gently to be tender, but it’s worth the wait. Serve with mash of some kind. We’ll be doing potato and Jerusalem artichoke mash with parsley.

Happy Spring/Autumn celebrations, everyone. And thank you chickens. And thank you rabbits. We will savor the good clean food you provide for our family and friends this Easter weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. My natural dye colored Easter eggs were a really fun project! I hope you get great results. The rust color from the yellow onion skins are my favorite.

  2. Don’t mean to be annoying or anything, but the links for the pretty egg flower thing isn’t working. Did I mess something up? Thank you! ^-^

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