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1309 seedlings - 1

My entire country is in hysterics. Heck, I am nearly in hysterics. It’s election day tomorrow, and it’s likely to be extremely not good. Clearly it is time for seedling porn.

How are your spring babies coming along? Are you likely to match Rob from Warrah Farm’s impressive germination rates on his organic, biodynamic seedlings this year? Hmm, me neither. But it’s something to strive for, in the face of everything…

1309 seedlings - 2

1309 seedlings - 3

1309 seedlings - 4

1309 seedlings - 5

1309 seedlings - 6

I feel better already. Ok, maybe just a little. Still…

1309 seedlings - 7

This is a home-made dibber, for making planting holes in the potting mix of many seedling cells at once.

1309 seedlings - 8

And this is the alpaca next to Rob’s potting shed. You can tell he doesn’t have to vote tomorrow by the look of serenity on his dear and fluffy face.

Good luck tomorrow y’all. Don’t forget to consider the planet and the 7th generation of the 7th generation (and *cough* human rights *cough*) when deciding which boxes to tick in there…

And also, seriously – what are you planting this week?

Cheers to Rob and Nagisa at Warrah Farm for the whirlwind tour the other day… we hope your season is bountiful.

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11 responses to “Insert optimistic metaphor for new life here

  1. Thanks Kirsten I needed that…. Can’t quiet believe what is coming out of the mouths of The Libs and that people are actually believing it! Yikes! Best of luck to ya!
    Brad & Thomas

  2. Thanks for the home made dibber. What a great idea. Thanks also for the reminder that when the political landscape gets me down I should head out into the real landscape. Time for spring planting. I’m experimenting with the home garden using a new method that involves mixing everything up, chucking it in with the weeds and trimming the weeds back as the veges grow. Should be fun. I’m also hoping that there’s a leadership challenge within six months of the election. It’s possible we’ll get Malcolm Turnbull and, given some of his previous comments, he might just be the best choice when it comes to human rights and the environment.

  3. I’m sowing beans, herbs, poppy, silverbeet, sunflowers, corn. Australian politics is a bit of a joke with the antiquated 2 party preferred system. We need a new system – smaller localized governance where the people have real input and see real outcomes. Go QLD! They’re talking about become an independent state – awesome!

  4. Loved the pictures. I’m one of the folks who don’t consider the Libs to be any worse than other political parties up for grabs – even the greens. It sounds nice when the rhetoric says peace for all and save the planet, but in reality the change required cannot happen to the standards people want.

    People want to be able to help the environment and protect human rights, but at the same time, they want to be able to afford the choices they’ve worked hard for. If you’ve ever been placed in the position where you’re choosing between homelessness or feeding your kids healthy food, you stop listening to the political rhetoric and start looking for the means to meet your immediate objectives.

    So it’s weird for me, when I see people distancing themselves from fiscal conservatives. I personally wouldn’t be able to balance our budget if I wasn’t a fiscal conservative. As much as I may want to do more, I can only do what we can realistically afford. So I don’t look at the Libs and see a boogie man. They’re doing exactly as I am – trying to balance the books as a priority.

    I guess what I’m looking forward to most on Saturday is the opportunity to catch up with my community. I like the bake sales and sausage sizzles. It’s nice to be surprised by someone you haven’t seen for a while and then go have a chat. I’m not placing my happiness on who wins or loses (it’s possible to have another minority government, regardless) because I know the real power of change comes from the community.

  5. Thanks Kirsten, made me blush you did and Texas has never looked so photogenic, I’ll have a word with him and see if we can get a campaign up and running!
    We hope to come for a visit in the not too distant, also feel free to return whenever you like, hopefully it will be a lot less rushed next time round. Lots more sowing done this week, nothing like the promise of fresh basil and juicy toms to get the juices flowing. We have a big planting week next week, salad mix, silverbeet, spinach, beets and potatoes and we will put our first biodynamic preps out for the spring, its all happening!
    See you soon.

  6. I would love to know what you use for soil when propagating/planting. I am in Lakewood, Ohio and love reading your stuff and looking at what you are doing. I am just starting to look at my suburban lot thinking about food to plant and what and where is the best to do it. I was in Australia with my daughter two years ago and loved it and would love to come and visit. Always so amazing to see our topsy turvy season difference. Am interested in hearing more about the politics and hoping to hear about a positive outcome. April Stoltz

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