107 Rooftop Gardening Day: June: seedballs + more

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Hey! What are you doing on Saturday 13th June? Come and learn something new with us.

It’s our monthly 107 Rooftop Gardening day, and this time we are doing:


Saturday June 13 – 9am – 11am – 107 Rooftop Garden

In this workshop we’re making seedballs – an excellent technique to get things growing, where nothing else will.

You’ll learn to make ’em, and take home a pack to sprout at your place.

We’ll also be distributing the first free batch of seedlings we’ve raised (on our fabulous seed raising mix), to whoever wants to take them home and grow some veg on their windowsills, in pots, or a veggie patch.

If you’re coming, please RSVP here – it helps us gather the right amounts of everything for the day. Or you could just show up, that’s ok too.


All free, all welcome. See you there!

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