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Justine and her family live in inner-suburban Sydney. They have a small yard. And her garden grows fun, food and fish… right next to the cubby house.

In the midst of Justine’s kids play area is a robust, family friendly, downright gorgeous aquaponics system, which cycles water through a fish pond and a vegetable bed to produce fresh veggies and fish for the family.

Justine's aquaponics system
Justine’s aquaponics system
Aquaponics veggie bed
Aquaponics veggie bed
Aquaponics fishpond with a rock cascade at the back
Aquaponics fishpond with a rock cascade at the back
The cascade acts to further aerate water as it cycles through the system, as well as contributing to the microclimate
The cascade acts to further aerate water as it cycles through the system, as well as contributing to the microclimate
Home grown trout! Huzzah.
Home grown trout! Huzzah.

Justine runs City Food Gardens, a small and funky urban food design business, so it’s no wonder her back yard looks like this! I think this is my favorite backyard aquaponics setup – so lovingly integrated into an edible playspace for all the family.

This system was designed by Charlie of Ecolicious, a Sydney based aquaponics designer who specializes in aquaponics systems that integrate into the home. You can check out some of his recent aquaponics builds here.

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All photos by Justine Williams, used with thanks.

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  • Sheri

    What an awesome yard! Such inspiration!

  • WOw!!! Can I come play! So cool looking and fish! Instantly excited, haha

  • Reblogged this on Crystallinity and commented:
    Wow what an awesome back yard

  • Village Brat

    Thank you for sharing. Too bad I am so far away, Alaska, USA, but the ideas are great.

  • Thanks so much for sharing – I’m on the other side of the world, but it’s got me thinking.

  • Wow such a beautiful set-up! Very inspiring.

  • I love how seamless and beautiful it looks. Great job and very inspirational for me personally.

  • Mycelium in an aquaponic system just like had in my Zeroimpact game. I am very pleased to see others are actually doing this, my hats off to you…

  • This space is so beautiful! I love the wood beds and the rocks, so natural and luscious!

  • Ooooo that’s gorgeous! Definitely going to try and do something like that when we move into our home (when its finally built)!

  • Reblogged this on X_trous Notes.

  • But with standing water isn’t there a problem with mosquito’s?

    • Nope, because the water has fish in it, and they are more than happy to eat any and all mosquito larvae 🙂

  • Marie

    What is powering the water? Is there a pump somewhere…if so is it solar powered?

  • What a beautiful looking system.