Meet the Makers: fermenting for Sandor Katz

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So when Sandor Katz lands on our shores in a few weeks, we’ll be feeding everyone who comes along to the evening talks, sessions and workshops with fermented goodness.

Crocks are bubbling across the country in readiness – thanks to the amazing chefery of Rose Newberry, Holly Davis, Joost Bakker, Rodney Dunn and more – meet our makers! 


Firstly, throughout the tour, we’ll all be sipping the fine flavours of Remedy Kombucha – made by a Melbourne based crew of Kombucha brewers who are taking this health-giving drink  to the next level.

And putting it in bottles and kegs, which is rather convenient for those times when you don’t have a brew on the go in your kitchen.


At the Brisbane events, the ferments are being made by Rose Newberry, Permachef extraordinaire. If you’re familiar with Milkwood you may recall that we were lucky enough to have Rose as the Milkwood Farm chef for a few seasons.

Since then, Rose has landed back in her native Brisbane and is now creating a stir at Chapter Two with her signature style of wholefoods, with an emphasis on fresh, simple flavours with as much fermentation squeezed in as possible.


At Harvest Cafe where we’re holding the Byron Bay workshop, we’re going with a combination of ferments by Rose but also by Peace Love and Vegetables – a crew out of Byron Bay hand making beautiful krauts, kefirs and more.


At the Sydney events, we’re lucky enough to be working with Holly Davis, a wholefood cooking legend who co-founded Iku Wholefoods back in the day.

To sum up Holly’s approach to food, you would definitely use the word nourishing – think bone broths, think incredible cross-cultural flavours, think fermented everything. We’re very much looking forward to sampling her creations.


For the Melbourne events, we’re working with Joost Bakker and his crew from Silo. Don’t get me started about these guys – they are hands down amazing.  Each week at Silo in Hardware lane the grain is ground, the sourdough is made, the butter is cultured then churned, the everything is made from scratch.

Think fresh, think flavours you’ve never even thought of, and perhaps best of all, think closed-loop eating. Out the back of Silo is a fast turnaround, on-site composting unit that composts 100% of the cafe’s food waste, which then goes back to the farmers supplying the cafe. So, so good.


Lastly there’s the Hobart workshop (which just sold out), where the ferments are being provided by none other than Rodney Dunn.

Rodney and Severine Dunn and their crew have created a little utopia down in the Derwent Valley in The Agrarian Kitchen – a very beautiful farm which functions as the perfect place to learn how to cook lots of very important and delicious things.

The best bit about all this? When we asked each of our makers about creating the ferments for the Sandor Katz events, they were just as excited as we were. I think that says a lot.

Hooray for kitchens full of bubbling, fermenting goodness. And learning how to make them. And then going out there and making that knowledge a part of daily life.

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The Art of Fermentation with Sandor Katz tour starts in Brisbane on the 7th Feb then visits Byron Bay, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. We’d love to see you there.

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  1. What an amazing bunch of makers! You will be bursting at the sides – Enjoy!! I was so lucky to have spent the day at the agrarian kitchen the other week an inspiringly beautiful sustainable place!! Having returned home to SA we just had fires going through our small acres , I have fresh visions of that beautiful garden in my head and heart as inspiration! 🙂 xx

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