Secret Valley Adventures on a Hot Afternoon

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A hot day. A secret valley. A high hill. A shady billabong. And a whole afternoon, stretching out before us.

Sometimes, you just gotta get off the farm. And go somewhere just over the ridge where the landscape rolls in a different direction, the creek contains waterholes you’ve never seen before, and different plants are flowering in the shady places…

Off to the Milkwood bush block, just down the road but a world away…

Our street, Campbells Creek Road. Average traffic is 2 cars per day (and one is the postman)

The map is not the territory, but it does help you define the boundaries of your property
Up the hill
Mount Carcalgong
To the billabong!

Flowering eucalypt. Looks like we’re coming up for a major honeyflow soon (yay for the bees!)

Ribbon Gum – Eucalyptus viminalis (i think)

yay billabong

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Thanks to adventurers Rose, Adam, Harris, Sabina, Jurgen, Stephen, Michael, Trev and Olivier.

Particular thanks to Stephen for the photos.

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One response to “Secret Valley Adventures on a Hot Afternoon

  1. Looks like HEAVEN to me especially the creek with all those resources and I know the area you are in and used to cycle past it , stayed at Dog Trap mountain and panned some good gold by working on a bend and mixing grass root earth in an old tine bathtub to a slurry , removing the overburden and there was flakes and little nuggets. That yellow mud is volcanic earth, and try edging dam side clay with a shovel and building walls with it, start wide and end small with quick accurate placement tapped into place with home made mallet or large rubber mallet etc. Anton and I are mudding up the old chook now blacksmith shed walls with creek shingle fines and large with a large horizontal swing out window looking at the chocolate box picture like vista !. Mud slinging with rubber gauntlets ! and a clean up in the dam ! brookseeya ! peter.

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