A weekend at the Tiny House

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I am pleased  to announce that we have, 4 months after moving in, finally spend a whole weekend at the Tiny House. And it was beautiful.

Stand by for pics (I’ve tried to offset their normality by framing them as best i could) of children, dogs, swims, potato prints and all the things a proper weekend at home should include. Better late than never!


The outside of the tinyhouse remains ‘stable’ (read: unfinished), still awaiting its final coat of lime render.  I’m coming around to the cross-hatching look.


First ever icecream, brought to you by Milkwood solar power. We recently inherited this maker thing, and it’s a device that previously I would have definitely put in the ‘superfluous gadget’ category of simple living.

After our first batch of home-made strawberry sorbet, however, I’m not so sure. Icecream makes everything better.

Winging-it strawberry sortof-sorbet:

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 cups smushed fresh strawberries

Combine, chill and wang it all in the maker. Shout over the sound of the maker for the next 20 minutes or so. Scoop out and fall about in bliss.


While we as a small family are happy to give Christmas a miss apart from the extended family lunch and re-wrapping some of my old toys for another round, tis the season to give thanks.

So it’s time to source local treats for the people we need to thanks most directly, and wrap them up in potato print paper.



And now for a photo of our toilet. I’ve been fielding a lot of questions asking how our lovable loo is going, so here’s an update. It’s fine, thanks. Working perfectly and doing its job. Still not smelling on 30+ degree days, and generally being a good little closed-loop system.


We’re all coming around to the awesomeness of having a swimming dam right next to our house, including Pepper. The only current problem is Ashar trying to emulate the dog by rolling in the dirt after a swim. Ah small boys.


Summer means ants in the house, as we’re not hermetically sealed. Which means in turn that we’re now in saucer season, with both the honey and the sugar positioned in water moats to avoid ant invasion. It works, it’s simple, the ants move on. All good.


We’ve had very little rain this winter and spring, so having a body of water right next to the house has been extra wonderful, even if said body of water has been decreasing in front of our eyes. All dam levels go down in a dry season through evaporation, and this one is still a little leaky also.

It is a lot more stable than it was, mind you, and leaky dams are a fact of life with out soils. So we’re rolling with it, and aiming to increase the biology in this dam as much as possible, which may contribute to it ultimately sealing completely in time.

Yay weekends with swims and painting and icecream! A small rest is indeed good for the soul…

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16 responses to “A weekend at the Tiny House

  1. Yay! Weekends at home in tiny houses are the BEST! We are particularly religious about our sunday home-grown breakfasts and afternoon firebaths, rain, hail or shine. I have to say you must have a very fancy solar system to support an ice-cream maker! I think ours would poo its pants if we tried a trick like that…

    1. i was expecting the lights to dim when we fired up the icecream maker, but it didn’t. we dont use power for anything else apart from lights and our super energy efficient fridge so maybe that’s why… we’ve got a 1.2Kw system? hmm.

  2. 🙂 Love the tiny house and the dam. Those ducks are even helping you create a less leaky dam with their manure so that’s always good with the current dry spell. We’ had a pretty dry summer in Québec (Canada) but the climate is more forgiving with many lake and a long winter to help the land recharge the ground waters.

  3. Tis a time to give thanks when you can have a little holiday in your own home! Grace and peace to you all over the “thanksgiving” season & may your strawberries grow sweet and mushy! Mine keep “going missing” when Billy & Mabel are outside!?!

  4. Bliss, I used to love making potato print paper with my step kids…they think they are a bit too cool to do it now…but happy memories! They are still happy to watch the icecream maker though, proving you are NEVER too old, or too cool for icecream!

  5. My dam (and also my small pond) has a black snake swimming it it – apparently they go down to cool off too! So, if that black stick is moving in funny ways, don’t throw it for the dog!

  6. Perfect, Kirsten and Nick and my special friend Ashar Fox, so busy with the paper-making.
    And so happy to hear that the DVDs arrived safely. I’ll send more soon.
    Very chilled (i.e. sometimes in the minus position) and chilled out here with good things happening with lovely American builder.
    Bee garden about to start, etc etc.
    And I shall write to Isaac at once.
    Permaculture in Italy seems to me to be like most things Italian – either exceptionally brilliant or a world apart (think not like we know it).
    Big hugs
    And my niece in Hobart thinks it’s just too soon to do the PDC in April. Although she was back at her desk three days after the birth of her baby she is determined to be with him all of the time, every day. So I shall book her in to the next one, with great pleasure.

  7. I love the tiny house! Also love your bright yellow kettle in the 3rd shot – where did you get it? We are just about to convert to being fully on solar – what type of fridge is your “super energy efficient fridge”? I’ve been researching lately but haven’t come to a decision yet. Enjoy your quiet days 🙂

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