4 Ferments to Make This Summer

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Summer downtime is the perfect chance to get fermenting, even if the heat means that everything bubbles like crazy!

Check out these 4 recipes for some easy yet delicious ways to get some probiotic action into your kitchen this Summer.

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Fermented Tomato Salsa

This recipe comes via our Fermentation teacher Gillian Kozicki. It’s absolutely killer, especially if you feel about salsa the way we feel about salsa. Perfect for your summer garden haul.


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Wild Fermented Blackberry Young Country Wine

As taught to us by Sandor Katz. Young country wine is a simple ferment composed of fruit, sugar, water, air and time.

With the help of the naturally occurring yeasts on the skins of fruits or berries, these simple ingredients can be transformed into a delicious good-time brew…


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Best-ever Kimchi

Here’s another of Gillian’s specials. It’s spicy, it’s sweet and you can use up all your errant bok choi in one easy sweep with this one. Goes with absolutely everything.


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Water Kefir (get your household hooked on probiotic soda)

This yummo probiotic soda requires very little effort, minimal waiting time, and is just asking for some  experimentation with the huge range of flavours you can work into it.


As said above, Summer is a great time to learn to ferment because there is so much gorgeous produce around, but bear in mind that things will ferment quicker in the heat!

But then, if you’re around for a week or so, that’s fine. All the better to regularly taste and learn as you go. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

Happy Summer fermenting, all!

If you’ve got any favourite ferments on the boil, please comment below with a link – we’d love to hear about what works for you…

…all our posts about fermenting food + friends are here.


Also, we run Fermentation Workshops. They’re rather excellent, if you’re that way inclined.

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6 responses to “4 Ferments to Make This Summer

  1. Hi I went to the first fermenting workshop and lost my water Kefir but have been brewing the milk kefir and kombucha and loving itI did email Gillian with no reply about how I can purchase some more water kefir.

    Thank you Sandy

  2. Hi, I have made a batch of the country wine using plums that are too small to make jam with and all seems to be going great smells fantastic. Im not up to straining out the fruit yet. I just wanted to know what is the safest way to store this and how long it can be stored for. Id like to make more to share with friends & family but before I make anymore I thought I better check.

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